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    Lawson Premium Series

    If you’ve been looking for ready-to-eat Classic Filipino favorites, say hello to the new Lawson Premium Series! Enjoy the...

  • 1073x800px_Spam_Musubi

    Teriyaki Musubi

    The all-new Teriyaki Musubi is here! Upgrade your snack cravings with Japanese steamed  rice topped with a slice of luncheon...

  • 1073x800_Fun_sa_Tagulan

    Fun sa Tag-ulan

    Say goodbye to your rainy day blues because here at Lawson, we bring the fun sa tag-ulan! ☔Score amazing...

  • 1073x800px_Marugoto_Banana

    Marugoto Banana

    Made travel plans to the great country in the northeast pre-pandemic or simply just missing the taste of its...

  • 1073x800px_All_star_promo

    All star Lawson Favorites

    Your favorite meal combination is back and now is your chance to try it! Lawson’s All Star meal allows...

  • 1073x800px_Match_Made_Combos

    Match Made Combos

    Head to any Lawson store to try out Match Made Combos, a new pairing of Lawson’s signature beverages with...

  • 1073x800px_LSC+BengBeng

    Signature Chicken Savers

    Here at Lawson, we make sure you enjoy  a satisfying and affordable meal. Introducing Lawson’s Signature Chicken Savers! This...

  • 1073x800px_Busolb_new

    Busolb Box

    Lunch na di bitin? Meron yan sa Lawson! Order na ng bagong Busolb Box at tikman ang creamy and...

  • 1073x800px_Snack_o_clock

    Snack O’Clock

    Your favorite pairing is back with Lawson’s Snack O’Clock! Enjoy a discount of P12 on your favorite 6” hotdog...

  • 1073x800px_Iced_Coffee_Blends

    Iced Coffee Blends

    Make way for Lawson’s Iced Coffee Blends! Stop by for a quick refreshing glass of Iced Coffee, available in...