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  • 1073x800px_Tulip

    Tulip Sandwich

    The Tulip Sandwich is a snack you wouldn’t want to miss! This September 21, 2021, enjoy 2 pieces of...

  • 1073x800px_Coffee_Week

    Coffee Week

    Make your week refreshingly alive and celebrate Lawson’s Coffee Week with an exciting deal! This September 21 – October...

  • 1073x800px_GuruGuruTunaCheese

    Guru-Guru Tuna Cheesedog

    Your favorite snack is now available in a new flavor! Enjoy the Lawson Guru-Guru in Tuna Cheesedog for only...

  • 1073x800px_Wagyu_Sriracha_Cheeseburger+Coke

    Wagyu Sriracha Cheeseburger x Coke

    Have you tried our Wagyu Sriracha Cheeseburger yet? If you haven’t, now’s the best time to pair it with...

  • 1073x800px_LawsonxMagsaysay

    Lawson & Magsaysay Partnership

    All Magsaysay trainees, rejoice! If you’re a Magsaysay loyalty card holder, you are entitled to the following exclusive discounts...

  • 1073x800px_Wagyu_Sriracha_Cheeseburger

    Wagyu Sriracha Cheeseburger

    Lawson’s burger just got even better! It’s time for you to try the Wagyu Sriracha Burger from Lawson’s Premium...

  • 1073x800px_LSC+Coke

    Chick’n Combo

    Lawson Signature Chicken can again be enjoyed with your favorite drinks from Coca Cola! Pair a Coke, Royal, or...

  • 1073x800px_LocoMoco

    Loco Moco

    Ready for an epic meal time? We’re bringing you the Loco Moco from the Lawson Premium Series. 🌴 Enjoy...

  • 1073x800px_MCB

    Marugoto Choco Banana

    The classic Marugoto Banana went to Japan and came back with a friend. Lawson is thrilled to bring you...

  • 1073x800px_Morning_Delights

    Morning Delights

    Warm up to the familiar taste of Pinoy breakfast classics and give in to Morning Delights. Enjoy a milky...